We offer 3 styles of Front Carpet Kits. The Front Carpet Kit covers from the base of the rear seat to the firewall in the front of the car. All kits also cover the heater channel pieces in the door opening, the kick panel pieces on the sides in the front and the firewall in the front. All exposed edges are finished with matching, durable yarn binding.

Premium Front Kit - Carpet kit is pre-cut and grommetted for the gear shift, emergency brake boot and heater control knob. NO CUTTING NECESSARY. 7 piece kit includes complete coverage on floor and tunnel.

Standard Front Kit - Same quality carpet as above and same coverage except carpet IS NOT CUT. You will need to make the cuts to install the carpet around the gear shift, emergency brake and heater control knob.

Front Carpet for use with Stock Rubber Mats - includes door sill pieces, side kick panels and firewall piece only. This carpet kit is designed to be used with stock VW rubber floor mats.

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