We offer a complete selection of 1950-1962 Volkswagen Bus Headliners and Headliner items including Headliners, Bows, Bow Caps, and Headliner Glue. When choosing a VW Bus Headliner, you must select a Headliner specific to your roof style, either Hardtop or Ragtop.

All of our Volkswagen Interior Upholstery products, including our VW Split Window Bus Headliners, feature authentic original VW Interior colors for easy and accurate matching to OEM colors. We offer a wide variety of materials including original perforated vinyl, crush grain vinyl and mohair as well as custom materials such as tweed and velour.

Our high quality Volkswagen Bus Headliners are made with anti-microbial treated thread which resists mildew and rot, making your Headliner look great, fit great, and last for years. We also offer a lifetime warranty against factory defaults for your VW Headliner so you can buy with confidence.

We offer Headliners for both the Hardtop and Ragtop VW Bus. Please be sure to select the correct Headliner for your VW Bus roof style.

VW Bus Stock Headliner Information

Solid Roof Bus

Year(s) Original Headliner Material
1955-1963 (Mohair) Cloth
1964-1971 Perforated Vinyl
1972-1979 Perforated Vinyl or Crush Grain Vinyl

Sunroof Bus

Year(s) Original Headliner Material
1955-1963 (Mohair) Cloth
1964-1972 Perforated Vinyl
1973-1974 7 Bows Perforated Vinyl
1975-1979 6 Bows Perforated Vinyl



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