Stock master cylinders cannot supply the additional volume required in a 4-wheel disc brake application. This is where Large-Bore Dual Circuit Master Cylinders come into play. Large Bore Dual Circuit Master Cylinders divide the brake hydraulic system into two individual hydraulic circuits (front & rear). In the event of pressure loss in one circuit, the other hydraulic circuit would remain operational.
image name If you are only upgrading the front or rear to DISK brakes you DO NOT HAVE TO REPLACE THE MASTER CYLINDER.
image name If you are installing disc brakes on all 4 wheels, the USE OF A MASTER CYLINDER IS MANDATORY. This master cylinder is essential in this upgrade, as it has the correct residual valve built in to prevent caliper seizure. The factory master cylinder does not have the correct residual valves for disc brakes and this result in brake system malfunction.

Chose a Standard or Super Beetle Large Bore Master Cylinder.


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Price: $44.95 $40.45

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Price: $49.95 $44.95

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