If your Front Suspension has been damaged, is missing parts or is in need of repair, look no further.

We offer King & Link Pin Front Suspension Rebuild Kits for Beetles and Karmann Ghias up to 1965 and Ball Joint Front Suspension Rebuild Kits for 1966 and later Beetles and Karmann Ghias.

Our front suspension rebuild kit includes either king and link pin sets or upper and lower ball joints, shocks, trailing arm seals and front suspension stops (for pre 1965 models).

You can also add a variety of commonly needed front suspension items from tie rods and sway bar mounts to a complete front beam and torsion leaves.


Code: FSKT15465
Price: $169.95

Code: FSKT16668
Price: $189.95

Code: FSKT16877
Price: $189.95

Code: FSKSUP7173
Price: $194.95

Code: FSKSUP7374
Price: $234.95

Code: FSKSUP7579
Price: $234.95