Our hand selected Door Rubber Kits include all the door rubber seals needed for your 1957-1959 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible. Our VW Door Rubber Kits are available with German Seals or Brazilian Seals and are backed with a lifetime guarantee.

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The Wrong Way.

Starting at one end and working your way around the door stretches the seal as you go. You will end up with a bulge that will not fit in door channel. More importantly, this is not the way they were designed to install.

Proper Installation.

1) Make sure you have a clean surface to work with. Remove any old cracked or rotted seal remnants from door channel if necessary.
2) Start by inserting door seals at all 4 corners. Glue in corners with weatherstrip adhesive.
3) Work remainder loose seal in between corners. Glue in place as seal is tucked / fitted inside channel.
4) Follow your weather strip adhesive dry-time guidelines. Cure times will vary by manufacturer.
5) If installing German Seals: German seals create an air tight seal when closing doors. This can make closing the doors difficult. Experience has taught us opening your windows a little to let air escape helps while breaking in new door seals.

VW Door Rubber Seal Installation Diagram.

German Vs. Brazilian Door Seals

Both German-Made & Brazilian-Made door seals will fit your VW Beetle. While they may look similar, you can feel the difference in quality. German door seals feel thick & have a semi-solid rubber texture. Brazilian seals feel light, with a 'squishy' foam texture. German seals compromise nothing and are backed by our lifetime warranty. Brazilian seals will do the job adequately, but offer no warranty. We recommend Brazilian Door Seals if your looking for a budget friendly quick-fix, and German Door Seals for a full-restoration job.

The main difference between German and Brazilian Seals is not visual so much as it is the quality of the material. German seals feel like rubber, Brazilian seals feel like foam.

Our VW Door Rubber Kits bundle together all of the rubber seals needed for your VW Door Rubber Restoration, save you money, and include our Exterior Restoration video to help you install your door rubber like the professionals.


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