JBugs designed VW Complete Car Rubber Kits for Volkswagens undergoing a complete restoration overhaul or for cars fresh from the paint shop. Our hand selected kits include all the exterior rubber needed for the 1961-1964 VW Karmann Ghia Coupe.

Volkswagen Complete Car Rubber Kits include German Rubber Door Seals, Window Scrapers and Hood Seals. Our kits come in Cal-Look Style Window Seals which are a popular style of after-market window seals without a molding groove. They are simple to install and require no trim. We also offer American Style Window Seals which are just like the OEM and contain a molding groove to accept trim.

American Look Rubber Seals Cal Look Rubber Seals

We bundle the rubber required to fill various jobs and apply a kit discount to save you money. We guarantee to provide only the highest quality rubber available and back our Rubber Kits with a lifetime warranty.


Code: 141-COMP-GHIA-61-64

Price: $540.00

As low as $24.92 a month*

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