JBugs is excited to offer TMI's new line of pro-series replacement sport seats for your air-cooled VW. These extraordinarily crafted seats are the pinnacle of comfort, quality and appearance. They are available in low backs, high backs, and low backs with headrests.

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Choose from lowback, lowback with headrest or highback seat styles to best suit your needs. All seats have been tested to fit your VW. Check seat dimensions listed on product pages if you have any concerns about clearance issues.

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Shop by Model

Choose between the Sport XR, Sport R and Pro Series style seats. The Pro Series features a black or solid color base with a custom stitching color. The Sport R seats feature the black or solid color base, with a custom colored suede insert and custom stitching. The Sport XR seats have the most options for customization, featuring a black or custom color base, custom colored suede insert, custom stitching, black or silver grommets and a custom grommet insert color.

TMI Pro Series Sport XR Seats
TMI Pro Series Sport R Seats
TMI Pro Series Seats

Pro-Series seats are complete, fully upholstered, and ready to install in your vehicle. Just select the correct year seat-mounting brackets and you're ready to go! They are available in three different models; the standard pro-series, Sport R and Sport XR, with various levels of customization. All three models offer custom stitching colors. Sport R and Sport XR models allow you to select custom suede inserts.

Pamper your car with these sporty seats and you'll look forward to every drive!

Classic VW Sport Seats

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