VWSeatpads We offer a full selection of high quality 1973-1974 Volkswagen Squareback Seat Pads, Kits, and Components. We recommend replacing your Volkswagen seat pads when installing your new VW seat covers to ensure that your seats will fit properly and look professional.

Our Volkswagen Squareback Seat Pads are made with pre-formed injection molded high density foam rubber that is designed to fill out your seat properly and last for years. Our VW seat pads are tailored to fit perfectly with our Volkswagen seat upholstery.

Our Volkswagen Seat Pad Kits include front and rear seat pads, both backrests, and seat bottoms. We also offer our detailed Interior Restoration Video that will walk you through the steps to install your Volkswagen interior parts like a pro.

We highly recommend purchasing burlap or sisel pads when installing new seat foam. A layer of burlap or sisel will keep the springs from eating into the foam over time.

Our VW Seat Pads are manufactured by TMI using only the highest quality components and guaranteed to fit great.


Code: 43-1106

Price: $64.95 $61.70


Code: 43-1000

Price: $61.95 $58.85


Code: 43-3115

Price: $105.95 $100.65


Code: 43-4411

Price: $16.95 $16.10



Price: $13.95 $13.25


Code: 6Y-Burlap

Price: $53.70 $51.02


Code: Burlap

Price: $8.95 $8.50