1968 VW Beetle

Christa Birnbaum

This is our 1968 Type 2 Beetle. JBugs has been amazing with providing every single part a Beetle could need.

We also recently found out the history of this car from the day it was bought. For a while we've figured it was originally from Germany, but found out it was sold brand new here in the states. A lady got it brand new for her college car and drove it regularly for many years. Then it sat for at least 10 years.

My grandpa had a carpet cleaning business and was working at this lady's house and saw the car. He asked about it and she let him have it.

He had it for about 10 years, working on it, fixing it up some, to keeping with it, enjoying it in general.

It sounds like he really knew how to make things work. My uncle called him the Beetle Whisperer. I drove it once with him when we were on vacation to see them. I wasn't very good at manual then, but he was patient with me and I wish he could see how much I've improved now.

When my grandpa died in 2016, my brother bought it from my grandma, but a few years later moved halfway across the country and wasn't going to get it out there.

My husband and I bought it from my brother and when we got married, it was part of our wedding. My grandma rode to the aisle in it and it got a front row parking spot so it was almost like my grandpa was there.

While it's been a struggle and frustration at times to keep it running, this has been our most successful summer yet with it. But I absolutely love it and it will always be very special to me. It's not just a car to me-it's my grandpa.