1967 VW Beetle

Garrett Emmerson

Here is our family’s 1967 Lotus white Sedan purchased in 1995 by my father in law. At that time, the repaint was 5 years old and it had these gray smoothies on it. After purchase, he had the 1971 1600DP rebuilt. He then drove the car with little change.

I acquired the car in 2019 and started going through it. The car would run but it had no power. I guess it had been sitting for about 10 years. Most of the rubber was rock hard and had some parts from different year cars.

I bought a service manual and started learning about Bugs. I was able to get the paint to shine by wet sanding and polishing it. The gray rims didn’t sit well with me, so I color matched them. The engine had excellent compression, so I pulled it out and changed the usual consumable items and cleaned it up. I ended up keeping the 1500SP components and tried to make it as stock looking as possible. It’s a work in progress and it’s been fun. I really enjoy driving it and taking the kids to local eats.