1974 VW Thing

John Strawway

This is my 1974 VW Thing. I found the car in November of 2020 in a garage where it had been parked for 20 years with it's top missing and filled with black walnuts and other debris from the squirrel nests above. Because Covid was still a threat, and winter was upon us here in Rochester, NY. I was able to rehabilitate the Thing while keeping isolated comfortably in my garage all December, January, and into February. With parts arriving every week or two from JBugs. I was able to have the car on the road again for a little thaw on February 24, 2021.

While certainly not a show car, the white paint was presentable, and since it needed all new upholstery and top we picked dark blue to give the car a little color. The kits from JBugs were easy to install and look great. There are lots of Things in military "Army" style in camouflage or olive drab, but we've been told that ours turned out more "Navy" style.

I probably would not have kept my sanity that winter if I didn't have the Thing project, and the project would certainly not have been as easy to accomplish if it hadn't been for JBugs.