1965 VW Bug

Ken Leamer

I restored a 1973 VW Super Beetle about 20 years ago. My youngest son, 4 years old at the time, fell in love with Bugs.

Fast forward - That son, Nathan, now owns his dream car, a 1974 Super Beetle. He drives it daily, and loves it! We work on it together as a father & son hobby.

Fast forward to 65DBUG... A close friend, Dennis, was helping us with Nathan's VW, since he is a bug lover as well, and the previous owner of the 1965 BUG I now own. He passed unexpectedly in September of 2021 from COVID. I offered to take care of his VW for her until she decided what to do with it. I started and drove it weekly until May of 2022, when she had Dennis' memorial service. At the memorial service, she announced that she wanted me to be the new owner of Dennis' bug, so his baby could be loved and continue on.

I purchased the VW from her, and put a memorial plaque on the glove box, "Built by Dennis, living on in his memory". I named the VW "65DBUG", as in Dennis' Bug, and have a personalized license plate on the car in his honor.

I now take 65DBUG to local car shows and VW events along with my son and his 74 Super. 65DBUG has a 2275CC with CB Performance Fuel Injection and a Hideaway turbo. The interior is custom suede, with embroidered VW logos in the seats, along with a permission letter from VW of America to use the logo. Dennis was quite the patriot, and built a flag pole stand into the car so a 3' X 5" American Flag sticks through the ragtop. I put the flag up for all shows and events I attend.