1967 VW Bug

Lee Pezzella

This is my 1967 VW Bug. His name is Stewart. My husband bought him for me as a early anniversary gift. I sold my 1969 Chevy SS Nova a few years back. I wanted a Bug as my next toy.

As a kid we all rode motorcycles in our neighborhood. When a friends' dad gave them a VW Bug and made into a buggy, we all really realized the fun we could have. It happened to be a '67 Auto Stick Bug. Year round that poor thing ran and we enjoyed the ride.

My friends didn't understand how I could sell my muscle car and then drive a Bug. Well Stewart is no average Bug. With a 2175 motor, chopped top and suicide doors, he is a head turner. His paint job from roof down to his pan is 1 of a kind. We didn't do the work, but very much appreciate the build on the car. Now I can add some touches to him of my own.

This little Bug gets attention every where we go. And you can hear him coming.