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1968 to 1973 VW Beetle Bumpers Product Showcase:

Video Overview:

We offer bumpers for the VW Beetle in a variety of styles, for any budget. Follow along as we highlight our selection of VW Chrome Bumpers, explain the differences between them, and help you decide which one is right for your classic VW.

Video Transcript:

Hi this is Sam with California Pacific (JBugs).


Today we're going to show you guys our 1968 to 1973 VW Beetle and 1971 to 1973 Super Beetle bumpers. They're made in Brazil they have a triple chrome-plated. They come with a black strip down the center of the bumpers to emulate the stock impact strip. The black strip is basically just a piece of electrical tape and is removable if you want to go with an all chrome bumper. We've pulled half the tape back here.


If you are going to be going with all chrome bumper there will be a couple of holes you will need to plug off with a carriage bolt. If you will be using the impact strip we do offer those as well these actually still come out of Germany. They're a hard rubber with a metal strip that actually goes down the inside. Comes down to the plastic tab and end hook. Pretty simple to install these, insert the end hook into the rectangular slot towards the end of the bumper, hold it in place across the bumper, and hook it in with the opposite side. There's a screw down the center, you simply tighten that screw which holds the bumper impact strip tight against the bumper. We simply tighten that down and that holds the impact nice and secure on the bumper.


Along with the bumpers and impacts strip, we also of course offer the bumper brackets for the front and rear, bumper bracket seals, we have the hardware for mounting bracket to the body and of course the carriage bolts, washers, and I locks needed to hold the bumper itself to the bumper bracket.