JBugs Video Series

1971 VW Super Beetle - Vehicle Showcase & Update:

Video Overview:

Now that our 1971 Super Beetle Restoration is complete, we finish off the 90+ video series with a full feature and go over some of the work that we’ve done along the way. We first introduced this car 4 years ago and today we have a complete, fully restored and, in our opinion, stunning VW. Come along with us as we take a drive down the coast for a photo shoot with Hot VWs magazine. We obviously we brought our own cameras along as well so we could shoot this, the last video of the series.

There are a number of portions of this restoration that were first for us. We leaned on past experience, research, and trial and error to restore this car. We hope you all have enjoyed it, and perhaps learned something with us along the way. Now that this car is complete it will be going up for sale so we can fund our next project, and we’ll be taking a break while we work on some new and exciting things.

How do you like our car? What are some of your favorite parts of our restoration? What would you like to see us restore next? Let us know if the comments on the YouTube video.