JBugs Video Series

JBugs Channel Update - September 2017:

Video Overview:

As we say goodbye to one project, we welcome 3 more in our new "shop" in the back of our warehouse. Our tech goes over our new VW projects and describes what you can look forward to seeing as the projects begin.

Video Transcript:

Hello I'm Sam with Jbugs.com


It's been a busy summer here for us, and we've got quite a few changes. One of course we are actually in a new warehouse indoors, which is nice. We will be able to show you guys at home, videos regardless of the weather. Another change is that we've unfortunately lost the 1969 restoration series beetle, due to personal reasons. Just the same we've lined up some more cars here and we'll introduce you guys to those here today.


First, we have a 1971 Squareback. We're not going to be doing a full restoration on this car but we will be showing you guys a few videos along the way. The owner suspects it has a dropped valve. We will be pulling the engine, diagnosing and repairing the problem, and getting this thing back on the road. We're going to show you a couple videos on this and maybe more as the car needs some work in the future.


Next, we have a 1971 Super Beetle. On this car we will be doing a Euro look theme. We will be lowering the car front and rear, disc brakes front and rear, new wheels and tires. We will be rewiring the car completely. We'll be doing some bolt on engine performance modifications, maybe throw in some after market gauges along with a new interior. It's going to get new paint and body work. We're going to be color matching all the trim or at least as much of trim as possible on this car to keep with that euro look theme.


Then we've got a 1963 Beetle here we'll be restoring with you guys. We're going to do a resto custom style. Lower the car front and rear, disc brakes up front, disc brakes in the rear, probably going to do a narrowed beam. Full interior, its going to get paint and body work as well. Rewiring and we'll be showing you guys as much of these videos as we can.


So you can see we've got some work cut out for us. These 3 cars here, we also have 2 1967 Beetles that we've done some videos on in the past. So we'll be doing more videos on in the future as well. So stay tuned, and welcome back.