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WK-113-68-69 1968 to 69 VW Beetle Complete Wiring Kit Product Showcase:

Video Overview:

Proper functioning wiring harnesses are a key component to maintaining your VW Beetle's electrical system. Follow along as we highlight the key features of our wiring harnesses and everything the kit includes.

Video Transcript:

Hi I'm Sam with California Pacific JBugs.


Today we're showing you our complete replacement wiring harness for 1968 to 1969 VW Beetles. The wiring harness is 100% made in the USA by Wiring Works.


The harness is all factory color coded and pre-terminated so there's no need to cut, strip, and cramp on additional wiring terminals. The complete wiring harnesses are easy to install. The wiring harness includes detailed instructions that are step by step and very easy to follow.


The complete wiring harness includes: the main wiring harness, left and right front headlight harness, left and right front turn signal harnesses, the brake switch harness, dome light harness, left and right tail light harnesses, the ground harness for the dashboard, license light harness, gas tank sending unit harness, reverse light harnesses, starter motor harness, 23 loose wire assemblies along with the headlight connectors, and the other various wire connectors that will be needed.


The complete wiring harness only includes the wires and connectors. The original switches, relays, fuse box, and battery cables must be reused or must be purchased separately if needed.


Anybody at home in a matter of a couple of hours throughout maybe a couple of days perhaps, depending on your schedules, can go through and completely rewire your car from front to back with these harnesses made by Wiring Works.