1969 VW Bug

Mason Davis

When I was 16, my friend and his dad were restoring an old 67 Bug in their barn. I spent most of my summer nights during COVID in their barn helping them and learning all about VWs. A passion for the cars quickly grew and while working at In-N-Out Burger, I saved every penny, so I could buy one of my own.

As soon as I would find one that seemed like a good candidate, it would sell right out from underneath me. I finally found a listing in Los Angeles that had only been listed for less than an hour. I called my buddy and his dad loaned me his truck and their trailer and we left San Diego within the hour.

It was a white 69 Bug that appeared to be in decent shape. The guy needed quick cash and said he would sell it for $2600. I didn’t even hesitate and found myself driving through LA traffic with a trailer and my dream car attached. Talk about stressful!

I am 18 now and and have been working on the car for about 6 months. I am not done, but are we ever fully ‘done’? I have restored the interior (still need to put the side windows and door panels in). Rewired the entire car, rebuilt the engine, and refinished the exterior.

I had every intention to repaint the exterior, but once I started sanding and found the beautiful jawbreaker effect, I fell in love. I have decided to keep the exterior as is for now. The many layers of paint pay homage to the many owners and stories that were here before me. I am already having so much fun, learning so much, and making new stories to add to the car’s history.