1964 VW Type 3 Squareback

Robert Conrad

This is my 1964 Square. I purchased this car November 2019. I flew to Las Vegas from ohio and was driving the car 2000 miles back to ohio with a friend. We made it to amarillo texas before having a break down.

The axle had stripped out all the splines on the drum and was unable to find a replacement drum so we ended up renting a truck and trailer and towing it the rest of the way.

I have since done a complete ground up restoration. The car sits on a complete air ride setup. New paint new interior. 1640 engine with dual Weber's freeway flyer trans and disc brakes. I performed all the work except having the seats stitched by an upholstery shop.

I completed the car November 2020 just in time for winter so I have not gotten a chance to enjoy it yet but am looking forward to spring coming. Thanks to jbugs and their staff for all you do as you played a part in building this car! I hope you enjoy the pics!