1965 VW Notchback

Nathan Carrasco

I took this project on because I had never built a Type 3. I purchased the project in Houston,TX and had the metal work and paint done at Caney Creek Restoration in the Houston area. The interior was done by Upholds Designs in Dallas, TX. The plan was to make a nice driver with a modern twist on the interior. I did the final assembly and engine.

The seats are covered with VW Clark plaid, black leather dash pad with blue thread accents and a suede headliner. I went with a German Weave carpet with suede binding to pull everything together. I covered the trunk area in German Weave as well to clean it up.

Exterior I wanted it stock looking. I re-chromed what I could and had to find bumpers. Left the engine as stock as I could, minus the alternator upgrade. I used dropped spindles to lower the stance. I painted the top black and left the color stock, Sea Blue. I tried to use as many stock parts as I could.

This was my first attempt at a Type 3 and learned a lot. Overall, I love the look of the car.

Photo credits: Alex Dooley