1967 VW Bug

Domenic Isola

I have been a customers of yours ever since I acquired my '67 Beetle. I live in San Clemente, CA and purchased the Beetle from a local. With a little research I discovered I would be the 5th owner of this vehicle. All previous owners also from San Clemente. Even met the son of the original purchaser of this Beetle back in '67.

When I purchased it it had already been painted this yellow. Original color would have been that much lighter yellow (I often refer too as the old Porsche yellow). They left a portion of this color under the boot where the latch is. It came to me pretty original (which I try to maintain) with a lot of quirky issue's, ran rough, some free play in the shifting and many things missing from it's original state along with several electrical issue's. Over this past year I've managed to repair all of the electrical issues, fixed the shifting issue, tuned up the engine and re-carpeted the interior and boot plus adding the flat black trimmings (chrome wasn't looking to pretty).

When I purchased the Beetle the owner left me with service manuals and most importantly a JBugs Catalog. I was so thrilled to see you where nearby in Oceanside. Everything I've needed to replace or add I was pleased to find and purchase from you all.