1969 VW Beetle

Rollin Yohey

This is my 1969 Diamond Blue VW. I have always loved the VW Beetle. This car came from San Luis Obisbo, CA. I saw it in an ad, struck a deal and had it shipped to PA in 2009. Didn’t look like this at the time although is was in solid drivable shape. However, one thing lead to another and off the body came. Added 2 inch narrowed adjustable beam, lowered rear 2 inches, empi sprintstar rims, fresh paint, blade bumpers and after a 10 year endeavor this the final product. Have won some awards and I’m very happy with it.

My love for the Beetle I would say started from a young age. My dad was in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany and that is where I was born. I was actually brought home from the hospital in a Beetle. My dad always had a Beetle when I was younger. When he passed in the early 90’s he had a 1971 Super Beetle. I shoveled the car out of the snow and got it running. The car was in rough shape. The heater channel was rotted and I could see the road when I was in driver seat.

In 1995 I had the car shipped from PA to Georgia and I drove that while I was in the Air Force. When my enlistment was up in 1998, I drove it back to Pennsylvania and parked it at my mother's with a plan to restore it. That never happened and my mother sold it. I still wanted one to restore and that's where this one came into the picture.