1967 VW Beetle

Chris Colby

This is my 1967 VW Beetle, which I purchased in June of 2020 in Cocoa, FL.

It is the 3rd L633 VW Blue Beetle that I've owned - the only aircooled VWs I've ever owned! It is nearly identical to my very first car that I bought in 1996 in Grand Rapids, MI at the age of 15, a car that I owned and restored over the course of 7 years. When I saw this one for sale, I couldn't go home without it!

I particularly enjoy the originality of the car, coupled with a larger 1776cc motor with dual carbs. Maintaining the car and working on it is something I truly enjoy!

This photo was taken while I was out cruising with some aircooled VW friends in front of a local mural in Tarpon Springs, FL in June of 2021.