1966 VW Beetle

Doug Fowler

My name is Doug and I'm the proud owner of "Mason", a beautiful '66 that has spent its whole life in SoCal. My grandpa was the original owner and my mom has fond memories playing in it as a child and taking quick trips to errands around town. She also vividly remembers using it for her driving test in high school, as well as taking it for a short time to Cal Poly Pomona for college. My grandpa loved this car and it gives me great pride to get it a back out on the streets for all to enjoy.

The thing that has been the most special to me is the amount of positive vibes this car brings, and it has created relationships with neighbors and coworkers that I didn't have prior to owning it. I'm soaking up all the thumbs and "hang ten" signs everytime I take it out and respond with a smile / honk / wave.