1966 VW Beetle

Brittany Philips

Hello! I’m Brittany and this is my 1966 Beetle. His name is Ocho. I bought him back in 2014. I picked him up a few days after Valentine’s Day. So I always said he was my valentines present to myself! I got him in the middle of winter on one of the coldest Michigan days. I think it was -30 degrees that day. And he started right up! I always talk about how well he started for being old and it being so cold that day.

He is mostly original (old repaint - non stock color). All original glass and has glass European headlamps. When I got him he came with his original owners manual and I found out that he was bought brand new from a dealership in Texas in 1968. He was originally sea sand but ended up being repainted a few times (I’ve found evidence of yellow paint under the green).

He is still a 6 volt. I have no plans to convert him to 12 volt.

I have not done much to him except recover the badly ripped front seats and go through the brake system and replace some badly worn suspension parts.

I take him to the Michigan vintage Volkswagen festival every year. I love Beetles because they are so iconic and everyone has a Beetle story! So many people come up and talk to us even if it’s not a VW show. Everyone knows someone who had a Beetle or they had one. I love the stories that people tell.

When I go to shows I will sometimes bring my Beetle pedal cars and put them on the roof rack. One of them I painted to look just like Ocho! Everyone gets a kick out of it.

I always wanted a Beetle when I was a kid, now I have many, but Ocho will always be my favorite. He has so much character and I have the most fun driving him.