1970 VW Beetle

Trevor Kerschensteiner

This is my 1970 VW Beetle. It originally started its life in Reno, NV and ended up in Albuquerque, NM and the last known record we had of it being on the road was 1986. It was then brought to Pennsylvania in the early 2000s where it sat until my Grandfather bought it and we spent a few years getting it back on the road after sitting for so long. We reupholstered the seats and redid the interior, went over the motor, scratched our heads over the brakes a few times. Which were some of my favorite memories. My Grandfather started to lose interest in it and I bought it off of him in 2020. We always wanted to lower it and take it to shows so that’s what I have been doing for the last 2 years. My grandfather still comes to hang out at car shows with me. I have kept the body original because I love the patina and dents because I believe it gives it character. I call it the Dust Bug.

The mods include Front and Rear 5x205 Disc Brake conversions (from JBugs), Front Lowering Spindles, Custom, Front Beam Narrowed 4 inches and adjustable, Rear Drop Plates, 4.5" wheels in the front and 6" in the rear, Pertronix Electronic Ignition , Few other small things from JBugs as well. It’s a work in progress so many more mods to come.