1977 VW Transporter

Kimberly Hawk

I had inherited a '69 Westfalia from my grandfather when I was in my early 20's and practically raised my first 3 children in it as I had been raised. I had gotten rid of it a few years later when the repairs became too much for me to handle. Now that I am in my 50's, I am going down my bucket list and one of the most important items on the list was to acquire another Bus so that my younger autistic children could experience the same joys of van life that their older siblings had.

Miss Molly is a 1977 Bay Transporter that I have converted into a Camper Bus. I drove to Maine last summer and traded my 1974 Thing for her. Miss Molly had previously been in a barn for so many years that her VIN didn't even show up in the DMV database. I was able to get her back into road worthy condition in only a month. My 17 year old daughter helped me paint the flowers, and now Miss Molly is part of our family.