1956 VW Beetle Ragtop

Dave Grandstaff

Here are a few pictures of my 1956 Oval Ragtop (HotVWs Car in 2008).

I found it on "The Samba" offered by Gregg Stogren. The car had a pan off rotisserie restoration done on it in 2008 and had been pretty much sitting in a barn since then. It's now in Las Vegas with me :)

The car has a 1966 pan with many mods done to it. It has Ron Lumis torsion/ spring plates and front end. It also is running a CB Performance 2387cc Turbo/ Fuel Injected & ECU controlled monster connected to a Rancho transmission with Dave Folts axles and four wheel disk brakes. Inside is a complete "Sew Fine" interior and 'Gene Berg" shifter.