1969 Karmann Ghia Convertible

Rob Bergman

Here is my 1969 1/2 Karmann Ghia Convertible. Her name is Carmen Dijon, named after her mustard-like Oriel Yellow original paint.

I found her about 5 years ago in a lady’s front yard in Phoenix, Arizona. She had been sitting for 26 years in the yard, during which time her top deteriorated allowing the interior to follow suit.

I have gone through everything in the car, and everything works as it should - lights, horn, etc. I put a new 1600 dual port motor in it with dual carbs, and she runs like a top. The original transmission shifts like butter.

My wife and I enjoy taking her to the Jerome Jamboree in Jerome, Arizona every year. That event is always a blast.

I cannot go anywhere without getting honks and waves, and anytime I park her, I’m approached by someone admiring her and wanting to share a VW story of some vehicle they had back in the day.

Many of the restoration parts came from JBugs, and I am a loyal customer. Thanks for keeping so many of us on the road, and allowing us to bring our little veedub friends back to life!