1971 VW Karmann Ghia

Scott Bryant

I purchased my 1971 Karmann Ghia coupe back in 1985 in high school as my first car, going in halves with help from my parents for my dream car. We found it being used as a farm car. It came with free hay in the back seats and dirt-filled wheel wells. I had it painted, new interior, and the motor gone through. Nothing has changed on it since '88. This is also the car I dated my girlfriend, now wife, in. I drove it every day until 1988 when I bought a new VW Jetta.

In 1988 the Ghia was garage parked and undercover until June of 2021, making it parked for 33 years! My wife always loved it as much as I do, sometimes maybe more. With the family behind me: my wife, daughter, Mom, and Dad, we had the tank flushed, motor, brakes, and all the rubber lines gone through with the help of Car Craft in Riverside, CA to get it roadworthy. I finally replaced the first set of tires that it had on it from 1985 when I bought it. So they were 36 plus year old tires!

I’ve been driving it and taking it to VW meet-ups a lot, using JBugs parts to finish off the car with little details that I never did. Front and side emblems mounted, as well as the nice drink holder. Thanks JBugs for the help and getting my old friend back on the streets.