1966 VW Bus

Josh Hatton

This is "Daphne". She's a 1966 Deluxe 13 Window Walk-thru. I purchased her out of a backyard where the owner was using her for a recycling storage. That's right, bottle and cans to the windows. I took her home roughly 8 years ago and did a full restoration on her with two friends of mine.

She has a stroked 2110 built by myself, 82x90.5 with CB pro stock rods and CB pro stock crank, Empi GTV 2 heads, Angle cam, with a Weber Redline 44's with CB venturi kit. Jaycee pulleys and a CB magna spark distributor. Trans was built by Jim at Der Trans axles and the beam is 4" narrowed done by Wagonswest.

The interior is bamboo created by Jason at Bamboomwagens along with a combination of pieces I created myself. Shifter is a Gene Berg bus and the steering wheel is AA accessories. The interior fabric and seat covers are from Carol at Sewfine. The disk brakes are from Ed at Saco Performance, and all metal work, paint body and polishing done by me and a two friends Adam Espley and Jaime Michel.

She is absolutely beautiful and I love everything about her. She is a multi Best of Show winning Bus and I believe it would awesome to be on your website.