1970 VW Bug Convertible

Armando Arredondo

My wife Rayza and I live in Fairfield, Ohio. I own several custom cars that I take regularly to car shows in my area. They are all "muscle cars" with huge powerful engines that go from a 347 Ford Stroker to a V-10 Viper motor. I bought my 1970 VW a few months ago, just to drive around, save gas money and have fun. It is amazing that the VW Bug has now become my most beloved vehicle to drive. We call her "Poppi" because of the Poppi red original color that shines on her.

I started taking "Poppi" to car shows, just for the fun of driving her, and to my surprise, she started winning trophies! Most importantly, I found that mostly everyone attending the shows has a story that relates them to VW Beetles! I have made a lot of new friends!

I had a 1965 Bug when I was studying at Georgia State in the year 1969. We bought that Bug for $900. There were two friends of mine from Colombia and me, from Mexico. We bought it to drive to Mexico, which we did with no trouble at all, and then my friends drove it to Colombia! When I told this story to my son, who is a typical millennial, he asked me, pointing at "Poppi", "And where did you put the luggage for you three guys?" I had to stop and think for a moment, and the answer came as a shock to him, "Well...we were hippies, we had no luggage! Each had a pair of jeans, sandals and a couple of t-shirts."...LOL

Every time that I present "Poppi" in car shows or parades, my wife and I dress as "Hippies" from the 70's, because Bugs were the choice of hippies as well as surfers. I am also a surfer, still at 68!

I hope that you enjoy the pictures of "Poppi" just as much as my wife and I enjoy driving her around! My inside is out...the way I dress is exactly how my 1970 VW makes me feel on the inside, every time I enjoy driving her.