1975 Super Beetle Cvt.

Rick Lampkin

Hello All At JBugs....
(Please forward to Gary and The Technical Department)

I spoke to Hutch earlier today and I told him I'd be sending pictures of my '75 Super Beetle Convertible. I just finished a complete restoration and it turned out GREAAAAT !

Thanks to JBugs and The Crew there...

This car was purchased new in 1975 by my neighbor. He drove it for 11,500 milers and then parked it. He was a man of about 6'4" tall and 260 pounds. He said his friends teased him about being "A Sardine In A Can", so he just quit driving it.

That was almost 29 years ago...

About 28 or so years ago, I inquired about the car and he told me he had quit driving it. I told him to let me know if he ever wanted to sell It.

So, 13 years ago, he called me and asked if I was still interested in it. I told him I was. He sold it to me for $1000. He said he wanted me to have the car because he knew I would restore it as good as new and for that reason, he wanted me to have it. I still have my 1963 Mercury Comet Convertible from High School. I have owned it for 49 years and he witnessed the restoration and completion of it to a Show Car. I rarely drive it. It has won several Car Shows.

So, I bought the VW from Fred and I promptly put it in storage. It was there for the 13 years. In 2008, we bought a Second Home in Fort Myers, FL and I thought that this VW would make a great "Beach Car" for us. It will.

Three years ago, I brought it to the garage here at our house in Illinois and I completely "Gutted It"....Totally dismantled it and then had it completely sandblasted everywhere including the seat-wires.

I then started the minor bodywork it needed. My brother owns an upscale Body Shop In Des Moines, IA and when I was done with floorboards and so forth, it went to Des Moines for the paintwork etc. After a complete (and very good quality) Paint-job, it went for in for a new cloth top (bought from you) and then to The Mechanical shop to rebuild every axle (parts also from you) all the way out. After a new windshield, Lowering struts, complete interior makeover, all new exterior chrome and lights and running boards (almost all of which came from you) it went to Firestone for some oversized tires and new Empi Mag Wheels.

Two of these photos show the "Red" that it is...the original "Scarlet Red" from 1975. My camera picked up on it as a little more orange, which it is not.

I detailed and painted the engine and the front trunk area too.

I believe it is near perfect in every way.

So, I want you to see it...I have only one regret...I did not find you (JBugs) until I had started some purchasing. I would estimate I bought about 75% of my stuff from You, but I wish I would have done it all with you.

At every turn, your people answered my questions, guided me on procedural things and gave me encouragement. I am so happy I found your company.

I know this car will be lots of fun (and turn lots of heads) as we roll around the Beaches of Sanibel, Fort Myers and surrounding areas in Southwest Florida.

Thanks for taking the time to help me and also look at my "Masterpiece"...

Best Regards To All,

Rick Lampkin
Moline, IL and Fort Myers, FL