1969 VW Karmann Ghia

Adrienne Foland

My first car in high school was the VW Karmann Ghia. My Dad said I could buy it. It was used with bumps, dings, rust, and the nose had bondo. I learned to drive the stick in 10 minutes at the high school parking lot, and then it was mine for $800 ! I included a photo of me with my first Karmann Ghia - not the best resolution - just for fun!

Just last year I bought a 1969 yellow Karmann Ghia online from Streetside Classics in Texas. We call her Sunny (instagram @afoland19). I have been having so much fun buying parts and bringing it back to it's glory -- thanks to JBugs and other VW sites. I'm so glad to have discovered such a wonderful VW community!

Sweet observation - I love getting into my Karmann Ghia and experiencing that "smell".... exactly the same as my high scool car!! And of course driving around town is fun and never boring with all the waves, smiles and honks we attract!