VW Beetle

Chandler Jedrzejewski

"Me , Chandler Jedrzejewski and my dad Todd Jedrzejewski both purchased my car one year ago when I was 16 years old for my first car . The pictures are a one year transformation of my car . I’ve done all the interior designing in it and my dad has done all of the exterior designing . It’s truly been a great experience and I’m only 90% done with it . Can’t wait to see what’s next to come Wanna say a big thanks to my dad and grandpa to working on my car with me for the passed year . Everything we did to it : rebuilt the engine , new pulley system , new shocks , new rims and tires ,brand new paint job ( done by my dad ) , all new window seals , carbon fiber steering wheel, put all carpeting in and done by myself, new dash, new exhaust ... stinger and a slight sound system ."- Chandler Jedrzejewski