1966 VW Beetle

Scott and John Bender

"In 1988 I was 17 years old, in High school and was diagnosed with Cancer.  My parents John and Margaret would do anything for me so my Mom and I moved from a Small town in Oregon down to Palo Alto CA. for Treatment at Stanford Medical center.  My Father stayed in Oregon to work and support the family and my treatment.  Obviously this was a huge strain for my parents financially so my Dad sold his beloved 1966 VW Bug that he bought Brand new from Bob Smith Volkswagen in Hollywood California in 1966.
Fast forward to 2018 and I am an adult with 2 kids myself.   Financially, I was finally in a position to do something for my Mom and Dad.  But what should I do as a thank you?  I have been thinking about this for decades and never really knew how to say thank you.  This was until I found a guy selling an old beat up 1966 VW Bug.  I knew instantly that this was the gift I wanted to give them.
So the work began.  In August 2018 I purchased the beat up old bug, but I believed it still has some life left in it.   During the Months of September through November 2018 I completely restored the bug.  This included new fenders, floor pans, Engine, Transaxle, Paint, electrical, upholstery, chrome, Wheels, tires and almost every piece of Rubber.  Not only was this 1966 Bug restored, it was the exact Replica of the one my Dad bought in 1966.
Other than the Engine and Transaxle, I purchased everything from JBugs and their Service and support was Top Notch and definitely 10 out of 10."  - Scott Bender