1974 VW Bus

Joe Brockinton

Lindsay is my 1974 Volkswagen Bus. Lindsay is named for Lindsay Scott of Georgia Bulldog football fame. My front license plate reads "Run Lindsay Run" which is both a command and a hope.

Lindsay was acquired in May 2019. It was a surprise retirement gift from about 70 friends and colleagues from my 44 years as an educator and administrator. My favorite memory with Lindsay is the moment she was given to me at my retirement dinner. I had no expectation and was totally shocked by this amazing gift.

My friends remembered that I had a 1968 VW Bus when I was in college and had totaled it in an accident. I also had a 1972 VW Bus afterward so it seemed so right to end my career with a VW Bus just as I had begun my career.

The body was in pretty good shape with very little rust. However, the lower half was a faded yellow with a white top half. It needed some attention and some tender loving care.

I began to restore Lindsay by stripping down the front seats and replacing the foam and seat covers with "original" reproductions. New seatbelts replaced the old seatbelts. I installed a radio and updated the speakers. This spring I assisted a friend as we painted the bottom half bright red -- Phoenix red -- and the top snow white. We replaced all of the door and window rubber seals.

My five grandchildren love the bus and when we go for a ride they sing like they are around a bonfire at camp.