1963 VW Beetle

Bert Hodge

I'm 51 years old and recently an old friend (whom I sold my 61' Bug to back in the late 80's) and I reunited after 20 years. And although the 61' was sold again, long ago, he now has a 66' bug and reignited a fire in my soul I never could have imagined.

I soon began a search, with hopes of finding a 61' Bug and recreating my old ride. At this same time we began hearing the term Covid-19. Unable to find a 61' that wasn't completely rusted out, I settled for a 63' bare body bolted to a 64' pan that was restored and even powder coated. Brought it home, spent the next week ordering parts from JBugs and tracking down some original hard parts.

Boom the pandemic lock downs began and I was furloughed. I took full advantage of my "time off" and put an estimated 80 hours per week of blood, sweat, and tears into this project which I appropriately named Covid-19, 63 Vdub.

Within three weeks, my wife Tracy and I combined, labored nearly 280 hours on this project which came to be known as "Sickness". Yes, three weeks and we were driving it.

This of course would not have been possible without my most valuable resource, JBugs! We have since upgraded to a freeway flyer transmission, dual carbs, air ride suspension, and A/C! Volkswagens were with me when I started out in life. I suspect they will be with me till the end!