1965 VW Beetle

Frank "Stones" Cadilli

I bought this Bug in late March, early April 2020. It was a mess, but had an engine… Had it towed home, to Hesperia, CA from Hollywood. By August my good friend Griggs Race Engines built a new 1776 out of my core...runs soo sweet doesn't leak a drop!!

Beside the engine, I got my hands dirty. I did all the body work. I bought a bunch of stuff from JBugs, just kept working on it till it was worthy of the street! I used stock classics, accessories, whitewalls, skirts, visors. I did a medium rebuild, meaning I did everything myself with the help of my pops (without breaking the bank). We sprayed it in a flat custom one-off olive green!

I call him "SUEDEHEAD" for a couple of reasons. First, because the paint is referred to as suede. Second, because of Morrissey's song, in the essence of the 90's when all the youth was wild and beautiful.

My first car ever was a 1956 Bug. It’s been a while since I was blessed enough to get my hands on something...so in the spirit of my 90's Bug squad the VOLKSTERS and in honor of my old buddy, Mike Del Rico, RIP, and fellow member Tone Capone, I had to do it like this 90’s Southern California style! Peace to everybody who enjoys that California lifestyle, classic vibes!