1964 VW Beetle

German Lancioni

Our beloved VW Beetle 1964 (a.k.a. "Herbie") was found in 2018, sleeping in a small Argentinean town.

The car needed a lot of love, so we started the challenging restoration process that included a full body paint work, using the original factory color recovered from the interior of the car. Several parts from the engine were replaced (fixing the carburetor was tricky!) and a little bit of reverse engineering was required to fix electrical anomalies.

The interior was boosted with new carpets, restored door panels and a hand-crafted porcelain flower vase, made by a local artist. The exterior was completely restored as well, including new original headlights and seals, window scrapers, chrome rings, etc.

All this work was possible thanks to JBugs, which has been our main provider for quality parts.

Every Sunday the whole family goes to "Warm Croissants", a local breakfast place with outdoor seating. The experience of driving to this place, parking next to your table and having breakfast is one of the greatest memories we all love to keep alive.

The car is driven every weekend by our father Walter, and is now enjoying the streets of Cordoba, Argentina. That's a long way to go for JBugs parts!