1960 VW Beetle

Gene Sappington

Hello! My name is Gene Sappington and I just got done (well almost done) rehabbing my 1960 Beetle. I have had the car since 1985. I bought it from my brother in law for about $700.00!

It was grey and right after I got it I had it painted "Diamond Blue". It looked very nice but the interior was rough. It had the original motor and was 6 volt with non-syncro first gear.

I drove that car as a regular driver for several years. I remember parking on hills all the time so I could pop start it. Also, I remember scraping the windshield in cold weather with my arm out the window. Only car that could burn your ankles and give your ears frostbite at the same time.

My favorite memory ( because I can laugh about it now) is when I drove with a friend and came down a big hill in the rain and water shot up through a rust hole in the floor like a fire hydrant and drenched us!

Kidding aside I love the primitive aspect of the bug. I can fix things and it reminds me of my struggles just to keep wheels. My spouse and I did the entire interior. We used a JBugs deluxe interior kit which worked really nice. I bought about 95% of my restoration parts from you guys.

My husband made custom assist straps, break boot and kick panels. I think it turned out fantastic! People wave when I drive by.