1964 VW Kombi

Daniel Olórtegui

She was born in Germany and made her way to New Mexico. She was neglected and unhappy. She was then put in the good hands of Kasey from Corpus Christi, Texas. “Low Tide” had a face lift and enjoyed her adventures camping and traveling to VW events across the states.

I had been looking for a '65 for over 12 years and had no luck. Being in the military didn't help as I was deployed several times. So I reached out on an ad on the Samba. Kasey, a former Marine and I clicked from the get go. He wanted a good home as he really didn't want to give her up. But he was working on another project for his wife and needed the room.

Then BOOM! COVID hit! I was afraid to lose out on this find. We messaged one another for the next couple of months. I couldn't get a flight out to see her. Luckily, my cousin David, who lives in Houston, only a 4 hour road trip, agreed to go see her.

It was thumbs up from there. Deal was done and she was on her way to California! We baptized her "Caribbean Queen". She was given a new look and matching wardrobe.

Kasey and I continue to be friends and exchange stories. I took her to her 1st VW show in San Diego and she won Best in Show!