1974 VW Beetle

Alexander Kirchner

My Bug is a 1974 Standard Beetle named Queso. I bought my Bug around 2 years ago at Volkswagen of Puyallup in Washington State. I saved up and bought the car when I was 15.

So far I’ve put the EMPI front disk brakes on it which are great, a new master cylinder, steering wheel and horn, carburetor, exhaust, an EMPI Stinger, halo headlights, reverse lights, Riviera wheels, a window regulator, floor mats, roof rack, left and right quarter panels which are getting welded on soon. Also some floor pan patches which are also getting welding on, along with some new paint.

I’ve been trying to decide if I should keep the blue that the car is now, but get rid of the two tone, or go full metallic blue.

My favorite memory so far with my car was getting caught up in the middle of a hail storm as it was getting dark. When I had my headlights on and hit the brakes my generator light would slowly come on. I never expected or wanted to get caught up in a storm in the dark. It was funny watching the little VW windshield wipers try and catch up with the hail and rain, but we eventually made it home, unharmed and in one piece.