1970 VW Beetle

David Silva

After restoring 3 Bugs many years ago, children and work became the priority. Now that our youngest is in high school, my wife surprised me with a 1970 VW Beetle. One heck of a birthday gift. And seeing as we own a pest control company, a bug was perfect.

It was in ok shape. The interior was decent, but the motor was out, windshield broken, and no had dash to speak of. So thanks to JBugs, I went to work on it. From the parts they had, to the 'how to" videos it began to take shape.

I converted the front brakes to disc, from generator to alternator, and electronic ignition. I added dual carbs, a set of gauges, and deep sump for the hot Redding summers. I put the new dash pad in, put in oem style door panels and ALOT of new seals.

I wrapped the exterior in the same theme as our company trucks and named her "Bug Getter". The best part of it all is seeing the enthusiasm in my youngest son. Whenever we go to an event he is riding shotgun. Thank you JBugs. I could not have done it without you.