1968 VW Beetle

Tim Pettis

I have owned this 1968 Beetle for about 5 years now and am loving it more and more the further along it comes. It was bought from a field where the original owner had started the engine rebuild by adding a cam to the 1600 dp motor.

We managed to get this bug motor together and plugged in right away! My brother Marvin has always been a motor head nut and can practically build anything and once I bought this red faded project and I had no idea how far I was really going to take this with limited funds.

Luckily 4 long years of endless nights and many 100 dollar bills (1 or 2 per paycheck) my brother had created the “Grey Ghost” and brought it back to the streets for some more action…

The real reason my brother did all of this labor for me for free is because he can’t turn down a challenge. He loved building my Bug so much he had to get himself one (obviously he’s going turbo on his 1964 Beetle). Doing this for me is the greatest gift a little brother could have ever asked for. The paint was completed by my brother’s dear friend name Wes. He put on a clean ceramic grey paint with red highlights.

Everywhere I drive it I get so many compliments on how nice it is and how many memories it brings people. Almost all parts were JBugs ordered and I thank you for the how-to interior video and that awesome carpet glue you guys sell, really the glue is the only thing that works well.