1974 VW Bug

Melanie Diamond

Our Herbie is a 1974 Bug. We purchased him September 2020. We bought him from a man that had been a radio host at a local radio station here. The car was given to him in the 70s for a promotional purpose.

We haven’t done much restoration other than making Herbie come alive with decals. I grew up with my father owning a blue Bug and I always loved them. I also own a 2013 yellow Beetle. We plan after the winter to totally restore the inside. Our plans are to go to some car shows and just enjoy our version of Herbie the Love Bug.

We get many stares and thumbs up and it’s awesome. Also we do realize it’s just a loose wire in the horn, but Herbie beeps sometimes for no reason while we are driving and it’s hysterical. We just enjoy our Herbie!