1970 VW Beetle

George Salazar

This is my 1970 Type 1 "Daffy". I bought this Beetle on 9/8/19 in the middle of nowhere Texas, a couple of hours outside of San Antonio. Had been sitting in a field just waiting to be rescued. I bought it from the second owner who daily drove it from the late 70's to the early 90's and it sadly was forgotten about.

Since I've only had it a short period of time, nothing major has been done other than to get it road worthy - brakes, engine, various seals, etc etc. Only personal touches so far is the custom made roof rack, euro knobs and proper dash pad delete. I'm currently prepping for air suspension and custom wheels.

My very first car was a 1970 Beetle that I got when I was 13. Everything about cars and my passion started there with the help of my late uncle Danny. My uncle suddenly fell ill and passed away a day after my 21st birthday. His nickname growing up was "Daffy" and I only find it appropriate to name my new project "Daffy". We never got to finish the first one we got all those years ago and it has been lost to time, so I'm starting anew with my own take and vision for what my uncle and I had planned for our project. He lives on with this Beetle so every day I get to work on it is a new favorite memory for me. I may be working on this one alone, but I know my uncle is watching over.