1966 VW Beetle

John Patterson

I've had a love for Beetles since I was a young kid (rare for being born in the 90's). As a child I would watch the Herbie movies over and over, and draw Volkswagens on all of my elementary school papers. It has always been a dream of mine to own a Beetle, and as I've grown up the dream has never faded.

Fast forward to 2020, my wife and I got married during the pandemic, and she would always see me looking at Beetles online and talking about them. Although she doesn't understand my love for Volkswagens, she encouraged me to go for it and start the search to own my dream car. I began the search for a Beetle with a smaller budget and in good working condition, and she came with me to see a handful of cars in my search.

A listing for a 1966 Beetle popped up one morning, and I knew right away that it was the one. I reached out to the seller, and my wife and I booked flights to travel down and inspect the car. I flew home from that trip with the title in hand, a Beetle owner at last! My 1966 Beetle arrived a few days later, and Juno instantly became part of our family.

Being in my 20's and not having a ton of Volkswagen experience, I began reading books and forums to learn about maintenance. I've learned the basics of maintenance and service, and have been doing the work myself and learning as I go. In the first year of owning the car, Juno has brought me so much joy. I plan to keep Juno stock, and will continue to learn more about keeping the car in excellent working condition for years to come.