1976 VW Bus

Michelle Keener

Georgie Girl is a fully restored 1976 Bay Window VW Bus that sports windows from front to back, a large touring sunroof, a 2.0 liter fuel injected engine with 4 on the floor, new interior upholstery and cushions, new floor mats, and a P.A. system just to name a few.

I’ve always loved the boxy charm of a VW bus and was trying to figure out how to own one, mostly to gather girlfriends to go on adventures and one day take my daughter on a road trip, just her and I. However, owning a vintage VW Bus is not for the faint of heart so I came up with the idea of making the bus work for me by starting a tour operation in which the bus is our transportation. Talk about slowing down and relaxing – it’s just not normal to speed around in a VW Bus – you gotta’ sit back, relax, and enjoy that peaceful, easy feelin’ right?

After I wrote a business plan, I found the bus on theSamba.com in San Diego, had her transported up to Sandpoint, found an incredible air-cooled mechanic (who is also an FAA certified mechanic, which equals very precise mechanical work), started having Georgie Girl restored, and was then offered a job by a high end tour operator that, pre-covid, only hired 25 people in the world annually….. I was like a dear in the headlights… the job offer validated the course I was on professionally, and it took me a week to decide, but I had already started putting money into Georgie Girl’s restoration and marketing, and wanted to see if I could make Feelin’ Groovy Tours work before I decided on international tour directing.