1958 VW Bus

Pete Bowen

This is a 1958 double door panel. Originally it was special ordered for a furniture delivery company as their delivery van. Hence the need of the double doors. In the area it was exposed to some large sized hail storms so it had quite a few divots on the roof because of it. This bus was lovingly named the lumpy loaf because the panels silhouette resembled a loaf of bread and lumpy because of the hail damage.

I fell in love with this bus at the VW convoy presented “fall stall out “ in Ocean City Maryland which is an amazing VW campout and cruise. This bus wasn’t for sale at the time. After a few attempts, I was able to work out a deal with the owner Mike Harmison, a good friend as well, to purchase the bus. Once in my ownership, I worked tirelessly to make it a reliable camper / daily driver. I traveled a ton with it and have made tons and tons of memories.

Pictured here is the bus while in Ocean City Maryland for the H2Oi non official event. The bug inside my bus belongs to my friend Arnold and is a restored but original 1967 right hand drive bug. We were taking some shots of the cars on a wet and foggy Sunday morning and I saw a great opportunity to line up these iconic Volkswagens for an awesome shot. This is the result!